The Dustin Pedroia Quote Book

Dedicated to the Human Sound Bite Machine that is Dustin Pedroia of the Boston Red Sox.

“Koji should be an All-Star because he’d probably throw a perfect inning, and come in and go crazy in the dugout. And everybody needs to see that. So let’s go.”

—   Dustin on why Koji Uehara should be on the 2013 AL All-Star team.

Pedroia's gamers, ready to go

“Congrats to @ShaneVictorino for not running into a wall today!”

—   Pedroia on Twitter, 7/1/13

“Ask Jeff fucking Francis who the fuck I am. I’m the guy who hit a bomb and just ended their fucking season.”


Dustin Pedroia

One of my favorite quotes in history.

Pedroia was stopped at the players’ entrance at Coors Field in Denver during the 07 World Series against the Rockies. The security guard didn’t believe Pedroia was a player and wouldn’t let him into the stadium prior to the game.  He produced his players’ ID card, and the security guard questioned whether it was legitimate.  This quote is how Pedroia responded.

Pedroia hit the first pitch of the World Series over the Green Monster off Francis, the Rockies’ ace.

(via sportspage)


Somehow, I managed not to have this quote on this Tumblr. That is a tragedy. It has now hereby been rectified. 

On Friday night, as the Red Sox took batting practice at Yankee Stadium, Pedroia noticed Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson standing behind the batting cage.

The Red Sox second baseman strode over to Jackson and proclaimed, “Barry Bonds, Dustin Pedroia and Reggie Jackson, the top three players in Arizona State history.”

Someone asked Pedroia how he would rank the three. He immediately shot back, “Kind of a coin flip between the first two,” referring to Bonds and himself – and not Jackson.

—   As reported by Ken Rosenthal.


“I hope he does bad the next couple of games, then saves every game for the rest of his life.”

—   Pedroia on welcoming Jonathan Papelbon back to Fenway.

(Source: ESPN)

“People shouldn’t know if you’re 100 percent or not. It is what it is, and it’s my responsibility to perform well. My mindset is if I’m nicked up, I have to find other ways to perform. That’s the way I think about it. Maybe I’m crazy.”

—   Pedroia on his UCL tear


“Watching Dustin Pedroia in the 2 series we have played against the BoSox has been a religious experience.”

—   Pedroia from a Twins’ fan’s perspective:

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